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The International Brand Design Studio

Guerrini Design Island is a communication and design studio that uses an effective and personal approach to create brands, achieving this added value by bringing new areas of knowledge to the act of design.

This allows the studio to first understand in depth all the issues related to a subject as complex as identity, whether it be for a company or a social organization.

Second, this helps us to have all resources available for creating the most appropriate symbol for each context and expectation, both globally and locally.


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The Process



Conducting a thorough analysis of customer demand, your reality and your active market objectives.



Proposing a general strategy of image and communication, where the future brand will be the basis of this active policy.



Designing graphic brand proposals that interpret this strategy, one of which will be the future visual identity.



Making the necessary adjustments to the chosen proposal and beginning to systematize their use in all settings where the new brand will be perceived.



Monitoring for one year the development of the brand from the analysis of its applications.

Brand Design


We design corporate and institutional visual identity and communication. Our process begins with strategic image and identity investigation, followed by brand creation leading on to design application and consulting.

To be

There is no identity until it materializes in some form. Therefore, the form it takes will be the visible representation of the identity. That form will summarize in a few strokes the complexity of “being”.

Designing identity

Designing visual identity is projecting an image that represents the something, that is to say, which publicly substitutes it, occupying the role of narrator of the identity.

Branding issues

The mixture between image and identity could be thought of as related to brand issues. Branding is important for current social life, for business, for collective identities and for men and women’s souls. It allows people to identify, organize, classify, embody and make sense of the world.

Additional Services

Organic World Foundation

Brand Application Design (reports, publications, brochures, letterheads)

Everything from reports, publications, balance sheets, letterheads, brochures, leaflets, business cards and more can be specifically designed to give you promotional marketing tools to expand in your desired area.

Web and Blog design

Our network of web and blog design specialists can install your identity into one of the most effective and far-reaching channels available. Through web and blogs designed by Guerrini Island you will be able to display your brand to customers in every part of the world.


We can take or get the pictures you need. With experienced photographers onboard our team, we can get the best picture for your institution or product.

Campaign Management

With our proven experience in commercial and political promotion and campaigning, we know what it takes to get your message across to its intended audience. We can offer consultancy and orchestrate successful campaigns for your organization to help it stand out from the rest.


Image and Branding Consulting for Businesses and Organizations

2 days of field work by Sebastián Guerrini where a particular topic will be researched. A communication brief will be made, containing a possible image intervention and communicational alternatives.

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