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Brand designed for the "Products of Argentine biodiversity"

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The International Brand Design Studio

Founded in 2003 by Sebastián Guerrini, Doctor in Communication and Image Studies (University of Kent), Guerrini Design Island has designed more than 500 brands in 32 countries, enabling businesses and organizations gain social relevancy, increase political power and be economically more profitable.

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Alphabet made up of brands designed by Guerrini Design Island using a letter from each organization and company name.

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The three roles' approach

“I am a researcher, a strategist, and an artist. Only by performing these roles it’s possible to achieve the accurate communicational effect that you need.

That’s why I am a designer/researcherwith knowledge in anthropology and psychology; a designer/strategistwith the practical know-how to make clever interpretations; and finally, a designer/artistwith the power to create ties between the world of emotion and the world of reason.”

Sebastián Guerrini

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“Guerrini brought an exciting dimension in terms of their ability to engage with a global audience”

  • Nicola Huckerby
  • Communication Director
  • The International Co-operative Alliance
  • England

“The image designed by Guerrini has turned into the icon that propelled the company and expressed its potential”

  • Gustavo Grobocopatel
  • Director Los Grobo Group
  • Argentina

“What you have done for us is remarkable”

  • Sami Yusuf
  • Musician and Producer
  • The United Arab Emirates


Some of Sebastian Guerrini´s posters, with his graphic ideas.

The Powers of Design

Book by Sebastián Guerrini

The Powers of Design is the first book made by the award-winning graphic designer Sebastián Guerrini, multicultural specialist with experience in 28 countries.

Is Design Powerful? Guerrini thinks it is. In The Powers of Design Guerrini rethinks thoroughly the theory, methodology and execution of design, giving designers, marketers and business an edge in this increasingly competitive world.

Sebastián Guerrini
Specialist in the creation of communication strategies and image design for businesses and organizations

Is a Designer in Visual Communication (Argentina), a graduate in Communication Technologies (Netherlands) and Doctor of Philosophy in Communication and Image Studies at the University of Kent (England).
Has created hundred of brands in 28 countries, having worked for Amnesty International, UNICEF, UNESCO, CLACSO and the United Nations, among others.

Has won international contests, such as the International Co-operative Alliance (London) and Organic World Foundation (Bonn).

Author of the graphical version of the Argentine National Emblem, Sebastian also designed the brand of CONICET, the image of the Museum of Natural Sciences of Argentina and the visual identity of the nation’s Presidency, Ministries and Secretaries of State.

He is currently teaching and tutoring students in the Master Degree of Design and Communication at Escola Elisava, and giving seminars at Blanquerna (Barcelona, Spain).

Articles about his work were published in Mexico, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Japan, China, Australia, England, Italy and Germany. His writings have been published by ICOGRADA and AIGA.

Download the “Brand” book

26 game-changing cases of image design and communication made by Sebastián Guerrini. Thought, methodology and design made for Los Grobo Group, Spiritique Foundation, ADP Group, Portus Business GroupUNICEF, among others.


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July 2024
Some works in progress
  • Brand Identity for an event producer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Integral Communication for a Rugby Club, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Communication Strategy for a Building Company, in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Re-Branding for a Business Holding, in Córdoba, Argentina.

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