By Sebastian Guerrini

This series of abstract illustrations are sketches made for the FIBA 2011, the International Festival of Buenos Aires. Some of them were applied during the event, but these pictures I am showing now weren’t used, because they weren’t aligned with the requirements of the Festival’s image, I was looking for.

%Guerrini Island% %Guerrini Island% %Guerrini Island%

However, beyond the image strategy I proposed to the FIBA, during that time I explored the feeling of broken mirror or glasses. I found feelings of mystery, fragility, transparency, depth and perspective, something similar to the uncertainty of life. For a while, I forgot about the corporate strategy and about myself.

%Guerrini Island% %Guerrini Island%

All these pictures were created with Adobe Illustrator, a graphic program. It is not so common for me searching this kind of expressions by computers, but the programme gave me what I was looking for. That is why I want it to share these pictures with you.

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