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Branding is a political act.

Good branding helps you achieve the objectives of your organization. Here’s what brand design, communication strategy and focused advertising can do:

Through research of the mission, values, people and activities we will create a strong graphic symbol that embodies the soul and essence of your organization.

In a simple, easy to understand language, we will open up your choices for making alliances to new social groups, increasing engagement from your current audience or helping you reach a broader one.

Your organization logo design and brand image will serve as an element of integration among the various players involved with the life of your organization.

At the same time it will function as a flag, a message for people to join the organization and to see it as the agent of social change.

Your brand tells a story, a drama or a fairytale about your subject. We will craft a visual story related to your unique way of working, with the solution that your organization offers to the world.

A clear message and a story that people care about will achieve a greater legitimacy as the voice of the people and organizations it represents.

A good brand image influences in the decision making of potential investors, customers, volunteers and partners. In addition, being strategically in focus will allow your organization to acquire more financial, human and social resources.

Methodology for a NGO brand image creation

To be effective, your organization’s brand logo design must be the expression of the union of the organization and also of the individual conviction of all its members.
We have to ensure that each co‐creator of the brand becomes an evangelist of the new symbol, guaranteeing a high adoption.


Interviews with representatives will be done. Such initial dialogue has to be maintained till the end of the job via e‐mail, Skype or telephone.
A coordinator should act as an anthropologist: through its observation should talk, detect and materialize the message that is considered essential by each interviewee.

Good Design starts with Good Research

Research has to provide information about the different interests and cultural codes that compose your NGO’s community. It has to find common denominators and to align the people at stake towards a common goal.

The conclusions and synthesis of what has been gathered will be submitted as a referential frame, seeking further agreement from the organization.
When the referential frame has absolute agreement between the members, a final brand strategy is created. The brand strategy explains the attributes of the organization and lays the groundwork for design.


At Guerrini Design Island we research profoundly who you are, who you want to be and how your audience wants you to be in order to create a visually impacting and lasting design.

  • Name Creation
  • Visual Identity and System for Worldwide Use
  • New Logo Design/Emblem, Color Palette
  • Stationery Design (Letterheads, Brochures, Leaflets)
  • Design of Promotional Assets (Print & Digital)
  • Packaging Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Pavilion Design
  • Book Design
  • Reports Design
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Photography
  • Promotion Campaigns
  • Merchandising
  • Training and Courses

We find the collective soul that motivates your movement, and turn it into tangible art and communication that everybody can feel and understand.

Imposing a brand image, name or slogan is expensive and provides no guarantee of being effective. Our studio makes sure that every member is engaged so your brand design project is a success.

Experts in

Brand strategy and design for international organizations
Brand design for local organizations
Brand design for programs
Brand design for a festival
Brand design for a project
Brand design for a state project

Brand design for origin labels

Brand design for foundations

Brand strategy for a club

Brand design for associations

Brand design for producer associations

Brand design for scientific institutions

Brand design for museums

Brand design for universities

Brand design for congress and events

Brand design for a meeting

Brand design for institutions

Brand design for a nation

Brand design for a city council

Brand design for a political party

Design of environmental campaigns

Design of human rights campaigns

Design of non-violence campaigns

Design of health campaigns

About Guerrini Design Island

Guerrini Design Island is a brand design studio led by PhD Sebastian Guerrini that combines relevant knowledge of graphic design, politics and communication.

Based on anthropological resources, has developed a unique methodology that combines creative work with research. This allows the studio to understand all the issues related to a subject as complex as identity, whether for a company or a social organization.

The three roles' approach

“I am a researcher, a strategist, and an artist. Only by performing these roles it’s possible to achieve the accurate communicational effect that you need.
That’s why I am a designer/researcher – with knowledge in anthropology and psychology; a designer/strategist – with the practical know-how to make clever interpretations; and finally, a designer/artist — with the power to create ties between the world of emotion and the world of reason.”

Sebastián Guerrini
Founder of Guerrini Design Island