Pampa Argentina

For nearly three years, every month I drew a cover for the magazine “Tierra Adentro”, a publication on rural issues created in the city of Trenque Lauquen.

%Guerrini Island%

At that time and for 8 years, I lived between this city and Buenos Aires, so this work helped me discover a new world for me. In particular, touring the countryside with the excuse of looking for something special and from there create each cover.

%Guerrini Island% %Guerrini Island% %Guerrini Island% %Guerrini Island%

This experience helped me learn to see the nuances and characteristics of the Pampa Argentina, and the changes that each seasons produces in the production and the landscape. Besides, it helped me to change my view, looking then everyday objects around, some of them of extreme beauty.

On the covers, and for unifying the images, I chose to do all the illustrations using only the drawing program Adobe Illustrator. This choice also helped me to experiment with the creative potential of this program.

After those years, and limited by the time I needed to perform each cover, I left this job, but I learned a lot from him in every way.

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