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New Argentine Pomegranate

According to the demand of the Argentine producers of Pomegranate, a scheme to promote the fruit was created. Based on the healthy features and attributes of the new varieties of the Pomegranate were highlighted, characteristics which make this product a source of vitamins for those who consume it.

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%Guerrini Island%%Guerrini Island%Then, the communication campaign worked to position the Pomegranate in the most convenient place for sale. In this way, it was proposed to rename the product as “New Argentine Pomegranate”.

After that, we designed a brand which transmits the idea of healthy, fresh and rich food. Therefore, the brand synthesized the crown and body of the fruits in pure forms and colours. That aspect plus to the strength of the font of the name, produce a strong and pregnant visual identity.

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Thus, the mark of the New Pomegranate distinguishes, difference and defined the product positively, presenting and promoting the Pomegranate in society and helping the opening of new external markets.

New Argentine Pomegranate. Branding, naming and communication.