UTNFRTL Brand Identity - Guerrini Design Island

UTNFRTL Brand Identity

From the previous investigation, it is detected that the image of the Regional Faculty should provide visibility, Identification and differentiation of FRTL. At the same time, that its attributes can be integrated into the brand system of the UTN. That is because the UTN brand is already installed as a strong and positive sign for the interest of the Regional School. Also, that the elements of the brand identity have to reflects the particularity of Trenque Lauquen. These elements must represent the attributes highlighted on the communication strategy of the Faculty, such as:

  • Gestures towards the agribusiness sector.
  • Identifications with the idea of ​​modernity and efficiency.
  • The stimulation of the sense of belonging of all sectors of the University community.  In that way, it is important that the brand can be proudly incorporated as a symbol of membership to the institution, by its integrants. The focus of that are the students, since it will be them the main diffusers of the Academic Unit on time.

In this regard, and as questionnaires showed, the RF is linked to values of recognition and solidarity among all members; Good Student-Teacher correlation, etc. These values, are important to call potential students, who can then been new members of the UTN.

As a consequence of this scheme, the designed brand includes an image that identified the UTN in general plus Trenque Lauquen in particular. Besides, the brand has to transmit feeling of modernity, efficiency, affection and social Integration.

Thus, the designed brand shows a symbol of friendship created with the letters T and L, as a complement of the identity of the UTN. The green and purple colours of the brand are associating the institution with both rurality and technology. At the same time, the purple helps to differentiate, soften and humanize the whole brand, this although its peculiarity in this context.

Visual identity of the Trenque Lauquen Regional Faculty. National Technological University. Trenque Lauquen, Argentina.